Point-to-Multipoint / PtMP 5 Ghz

Mimosa Network A5c A5-90 5Ghz Outdoor Gigabit Access Point Fiber Speeds 802.11ac 30dBi Super Sector GPS MU-MiMO 4x4:4 up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)

Part: A5C

Mimosa Networks

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  • Mimosa A5c sector access points provides a 5GHz frequency band, multi-user MiMO at 802.11ac.

  • With the fastest client speeds and great access point capacity, along with local and network-wide spectrum reuse, the Mimosa A5c delivers the highest possible scale for any unlicensed fixed wireless network. 

  • The A5c is well suited for long range pole and tower multipoint applications, Access Point Collocation (GPS Sync) and Municipal and Rural Licensed Public Safety multipoint (4.9 GHz).

  • Increased Capacity at Each Site

  • Ultra High Client Capacity

  • Network Scalability Perfected

  • Fiber Speeds 

  • Add Subscribers with Ease

  • Max Throughput: Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7Gbps PHY)

  • Client Capacity: 100 Clients

  • Wireless Protocols: WiFi Interop

  • Mimosa GPS Sync (TDMA)

  • Product Includes: • A5-90 • Pole mounting kit • PoE injector 
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