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Altelix Omni Antenna 5 GHz 11dBi Dual Polarized 2x MIMO

Sales price: $129.00


The Altelix AU5G11M2-PRO is a Complete High Gain Antenna Kit that features our 5 GHz 11dBi 2x2 MIMO Omni Antenna. Its professional quality design integrates two independent antennas, one vertically polarized and one horizontal, within a rugged weatherproof radome. Dual polarity 2x2 MIMO support allows increased data throughput. It is a perfect match for 802.11a 2x MIMO access points and bridges.

This antenna includes a versatile mounting system that can be used to attach a Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® or Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, Mikrotik BaseBox® 5, Cambium ePMP™ or TP-Link WBS-510 directly to the antenna. It also supports the Mimosa B5c and other WiFi radios with an optional cable adapter kit. 

The kit also includes a pair of low loss RP-SMA to N Male cables for connecting the radios to the antenna.

Radios Supported:

  • Ubiquiti RocketM5®, RocketM5® GPS, Rocket® Prism 5AC
  • Mimosa C5c
  • MikroTik BaseBox® 5
  • TP-Link WBS510
  • Cambium ePMP™
  • Mimosa B5c (requires optional cable kit)

The Kit Includes:
(1) Altelix 11dBi Dual Polarized 2x MIMO Omni Antenna
(1) Bracket Set for Mounting Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® and Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, MikroTik BaseBox® 5, TP-Link WBS510 and Cambium ePMP™
(2) RP-SMA Male to N Male Low Loss cables

Frequency Range 5150-5850 MHz
Bandwidth 700 MHz
Gain 11 dBi
Polarization Vertical + Horizontal
Vertical Beamwidth 12 Degrees
Horizontal Beamwidth 360 Degrees
VSWR <2.0:1
Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Power 100 Watts
Connectors 2x N Female
Antenna Diameter ∅3.3 Inches (∅84 mm)
Antenna Length 19.7 Inches (500 mm)
w/Radio Bracket: 28.7 In. (729 mm)
Mast Diameter 1.6 - 2.4 Inches (40 - 60 mm)
Weight 3.3 Lbs. (1.5Kg)
Temperature Range -40° - 149°F (-40° - 65°C)
Lightning Protection DC Short

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