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Dinstar FXS Analog VoIP Gateway 112 Ports DAG3000-112S



The DAG3000 gateway unit embraces a configured and adopted design for the FXS/FXO transmission line in a flexible way. It offers the greatest limit of 112 FXO and FXS lines, mechanical and endeavour VoIP deployment with reasonable call centre capabilities.

Dinstar DAG3000-112S: Easy to expand for efficient transmission

Dinstar DAG3000-112S offers SIP, IMS, and MGCP protocol with an optional H.248 protocol as well. Other features offered are SIP primary and secondary account with dual power module. DAG3000 also incorporates easy expansion with modular designing. It also offers IPv6 as well as cloud management support. It also comes with 5 km cabling length.

With the DAG3000-112S get to passage unit, agreeable commotion era is acknowledgeable. Also, the gadget works with quiet concealment system to keep the voice fresh and clear. VAD or voice action discovery is likewise a mark nature of this gadget which advances reverberate cancelation too. A versatile jitter buffer is likewise highlighted in the gadget with programmable pick up control.

Control supply required in the DAG3000-112S is 100-240V AC which keeps running at a recurrence between 50 to 60 Hz. The power utilization of the gadget is 125 W. Amid use, the temperature required for working the gadget is set between – 10 C and 45 C. Capacity temperature when the gadget is not being used is set at – 20 C to 80 C. The DAG3000 unit is set at a moistness level from 10% to 90% with no gathering viewpoints. This unit comes in measurements 440mm x 280mm x 132mm. The heaviness of the gadget is 7.0 kg with CE and FCC consistence.
The DAG3000-112S access gateway creates the perfect configuration module for restore and backup aspects. Plus, its network capturing abilities are commendable for accessing rule list. Automated synchronization with time is also there to ensure better network capture. DAG3000 series of devices are capable of auto provisioning for high-end maintenance and upgrades. The product is truly seamless when it comes to transmission.

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