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Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-B 8 GSM lines Gateway Sending and receiving text messages

Sales price: $700.00


Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-B GSM Gateway
The Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-B gateway is a VoIP-GSM gateway for 8 GSM lines with the possibility of expanding to 16 gsm lines. This is an updated version of the DWG2000F-8G-B gsm gateway. The new version has an improved hardware base and a lifetime warranty. The GSM gateway will help reduce call costs by using the Optimal Call Route and Call Back feature to help create a backup channel in case of wired telephony failure, or to phone the office in hard-to-reach locations. Your customers will be comfortable calling your office, dialing a mobile number, not a landline phone. Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-B is certified in Ukraine, officially supplied and serviced by a service center in Ukraine. The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee on the gsm-gateway. The B-gsm version of the Dinstar gateway features a slightly stripped-down functionality: it doesn't automatically change IMEI and doesn't support SIM banks and SIM servers. But most corporate customers don't need these features, so we recommend using version B.

  • 8 SIM cards
  • 8 simultaneous calls
  • GSM frequency range - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • flexible recruitment and processing rules
  • Sending and receiving text messages

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