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Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-M-B GSM/VoIP Gateway for 8 SIM Cards with the possibility of expansion to 16



Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-M-B GSM/VoIP Gateways
GSM VoIP Gateway Dinstar 8xSim Cards (UC2000-VF-8G-M-B) - GSM VoIP Gateway for 8 SIM Cards with the possibility of expansion to 16. Designed to connect mobile numbers (sim cards) to ip-telephony networks - ip-ats, call center, cloud ATS, etc. Dinstar UC2000-VF supports both calls and SMS messages. Dinstar UC2000-VF-8G-M-B - provides stable operation and high quality communication, when used in places with poor mobile coverage it is possible to use more powerful antennas, including external ones. The built-in 4:1 splitter allows 4 SIM cards to work across one antenna. This is especially true if the gateway is planned to be used in places with poor mobile network coverage. Only two external antennas will be enough to operate the gateway.

  • 8 SIM cards (gsm-channel)
  • CONNECTION to IP-ATS, call centers, virtual ATS, IP telephony providers and phone operators
  • Dinstar SMS API - receiving and sending SMS and USSD requests, SMS delivery report, gateway status control
  • Control and monitoring via web interface, command line
  • flexible call routing settings (port grouping, prefixes, hotline

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