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ITElite PRO-SECTOR50016dual Sector with Radio Space, 5 GHz, 2x16 dBi, Dual-Pol



  • Antenna with multipurpose enclosure working in 5 GHz band with two independent sector antennas with 16 dBi gain with vertical and horizontal polarization.
  • It is the ideal solution for MIMO and Nstreme dual configuration.
  • The range includes weatherproof outdoor enclosure with panel antenna and enough compartment for RouterBoard or any other electronic equipment.
  • Enclosure is furnished with special RJ-45 waterproof ethernet connector with an easy connection to Internet Network and PoE.
  • Perfectly designed for operation under severe weather conditions. Proper materials allow operation in the salty water environment without corrosion.
  • Professional mounting system with 0-15 degrees scale guarantees easy and smooth tilt down as well as rock-stable operation.
  • This product is well suited to point to multipoint applications for highly professional solutions.
  • Inside the enclosure are suitable posts for Mikrotik RouterBOARS 411, 433 and 711 series.
  • 2 x 16 dBi Sectoral Gain
  • Dual Polarization H&V in One Case
  • Integrated enclosure
  • Special Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Dedicated for Mikrotik RouterBOARDs
  • High Quality Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Designed for All Weather Operation
  • 5 GHz Band Wireless LAN
  • N streme dual configuration
  • 802.11n/MIMO standard
  • IEEE 802.11a WLAN Systems
  • Point to Multipoint Applications

Click Here for ITElite PRO-SECTOR50016dual Datasheet

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