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Iuron JZ-10022-72S Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure 72 Cores



SKU: JZ-10022-72S

Iuron JZ-10022-72S Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure - 72 Cores

Fiber optic splice closure is mainly used for protecting the fiber optic junction between two cables and reserve a section of fiber optic for maintenance in the box. The box has good leak-proof, anti-water and damp-proof feature and its power line is corrosion resistant.

There are two types of the junction box, central and terminal one. The central type is used in the central part of the line to protect the two butted cables while the terminal type is used in the end of the line for branching in the cable line or protecting the connection of the fiber optic in the cable and the jumper.

Optical splitter closure  provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint.

Fiber optic closure belongs to the accommodation of the optical fiber fusion splice section system. It is widely applied to the connection of the fiber play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head and storage.


  • High quality PC, ABS, PPR material optional, can ensure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes.
  • Solid structure, perfect outline, thunder, erosion and adding resistance.
  • Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure, can be opened after sealing and cab be reused.
  • Well water and dust proof, unique grounding device to ensure the sealing performance, convenient for installation.
  • The splice closure has a wide application range, with good sealing performance, easy installation, produced with high strength engineering plastic housing, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high mechanical strength and so on.

Dimension (mm): Φ160×420

No. of Cable Inlet/Outlet: four

Number of Fibers per Tray: 24(single core)

Max. Number of Trays: 3

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