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L-Com CPMS25MF-25 Heavy Duty D-sub Cable, DB25 Male / Female, 25.0 ft



  • D-sub cables use 20 AWG conductors, the largest conductor most D-sub connectors can accommodate. This allows for maximum current throughput as well as an extremely durable assembly. Other key features include double shielding to prevent against data corrupting EMI/RFI, threaded inserts allowing the cable to be panel mounted directly without use of an adapter, and straight through wiring to accommodate most applications.
  • 20 AWG conductors provide maximum current throughput as well as an extremely durable assembly

  • Foil plus braid shield provides maximum protection against EMI/RFI

  • Gold plated contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles

  • Molded backshells provide durability and increased strength at cable entry point

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