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NetPoint Antennas NP-1 PTP Dish 30Dbi 4.9-6.2GHZ NP1 N-Female Dual polarization



Main Features

  • The widest frequency range in the market
  • Connectivity with other brands. Ubiquiti, Mimosa, Cambium, etc ...
  • 45 ° polarization to reduce noise levels
  • Highly robust and stable
  • Customization: Adaptations to the antenna can be made to increase resistance to winds, corrosion and assemblies suitable for all types of towers can be manufactured
  • Compatible with radom model AJ-RD100.

Range of Frequency: GHz 4.9 - 6.2 GHz
Diameter: 70 (cm) 
Type of Antenna: Directional
Type of Connector: N - Female
Gain (dBi): lower – 28 mid– 29.3 High – 30
VSWR: 1.0
Wide HPOL: 6.38 °
Wide VPOL: 6.38 °
F/B Ratio(dB): 36
XPD (dB): 30
Dual polarization: vertical and horizontal

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