NetPoint NPX1 Directional Antenna, 4.9-6.2 GHz



NetPoint's high-performance parabolic antenna is designed to work with very high performance in both licensed and unlicensed bands with excellent gain. The NPX5-HP-2FT model has dual polarization, 30 dBi gain and a N-female connector, as well as exceptional VSRW performance in the 4.9 to 6.4 GHz operating band. The antenna is pre-assembled and ready to install, as is an integrated radome for high performance and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. This dish is 2 ft. in size and can be used for PTP backhaul, CPE, and public safety applications.

Frequency Range

  • The NPX5 operates within the 5 GHz (4.9-6.4 GHz) frequency range, minimizing interference from other devices and ensuring optimal performance.

Antenna Gain

  • Boasting a high gain of up to 30 dBi, the NPX5 optimizes signal reception and transmission for an extended range and improved RSSI.

Dual - Polarized

  • With dual linear polarization, the NPX5 enhances signal reliability, reducing the likelihood of signal degradation due to polarization mismatch.

Connector Type

  • The antenna features a robust N-type female connector, ensuring secure and stable connections to your WISP equipment.


  • Gain of up to 30 dBi with low VSWR and high port isolation across the entire 4.9-6.4 GHz band
  • One antenna that covers 5 and 6 Ghz
  • Simplifies installation on site and guarantees “factory-tested” quality
  • Connector type N Female


  • 28.34 x 28.34 x 19.68in (72cm X 72cm X 50cm)

Weight (Kg)

  • 44.09lb (20kg)

Technical Description

  • Eletric Specifications
    • Antenna type: Shielded parabolic antenna
    • Frequency: 4.9 - 6.4 Ghz
    • Connector type: Female N
    • Gain (dBi): 28, 29, 30 - 4.9GHz, 5.4GHz and 5.7GHz
    • VSWR HPOL: <2.0
    • Beamwidth VPOL: 5.0°
    • Beamwidth HPOL: 5.0°
    • Return loss: 9.54
    • ISO (dB): 30
    • Radius F/B (dB): 39
    • Polarization: Dual slant
  • Mechanical Specifications
    • Wind max survival speed (MPH): 124.27 miles with Radome
    • Azimuth adjustment: +/- 60 degrees
    • Elevation adjustment (°): +/- 15 degrees
    • Mounting Pipe Diameter, Min: 1 inch - 25.4mm
    • Mounting Pipe Diameter, Max: 2.750 inch 69.86mm
    • Operating temperature (C°): -49 to +140 F° | -45 to +60 C°
    • Connector type: Dual N-Female with pigtails for RP-SMA
    • Lenght of Pig tail: 2ft - 600 mm

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