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Guest Internet GIS-R4, Hotspot gateway for businesses with up to 100 concurrent users Remote configuration Hotspot user Access code API for PoS applications

Part: GIS-R4

Guest Internet

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  • We Make WiFi Hotspots Work Better We offer a very simple and low cost way to add important features for any WiFi Hotspot.
  • The GIS-R4 has been designed to protect your business from the consequences of data theft, and to give your guests and visitors a great Internet service.
  • Low cost products ensure that you get a fast return on investment.
  • Simple plug and play installation, no computer specialist required. 
  • Supports up to 100 concurrent users.
  • Ten different login pages are already installed. 
  • Custom options are available, and 1000 pass codes control Internet access.
  • Credit card billing and reporting can be configured for commercial Hotspots.
  • Hackers are blocked with a firewall that prevents Hotspot users accessing the PoS.
  • The firewall also blocks file sharing preventing potential illegal use of the network.
  • Web sites can be blocked with the content filter for family friendly web surfing.
  • Speed control shares bandwidth and prevents guests abusing a shared service.
  • A timer /calendar activates service during business hours and disables the service when the business is closed.

  • Low cost HSIA gateway
  • Plug and play: easy to use wizard speeds installation
  •  Custom login page with  client branding; choose from 10 backdrops or create your own design
  • Free access with disclaimer; the legal disclaimer can be edited
  • Controlled access uses codes that are generated and managed on the unit; charge for Internet service or give it free
  • Access code usage reporting to track Internet utilization
  • Credit card billing for WISP applications
  • A firewall protects the business network for PCI DSS compliance
  • Remote configuration
  • QoS overall bandwidth control, with bandwidth settings for each code
  • Content filter blocks access to non-approved websites
  • Blocks file sharing software
  • Timer calendar blocks use when the business is closed
  • Access code API for PoS applications
  • Hotspot user isolation
  • Configuration backup and restore

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