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Tycon Power TP-SCPOE-1218 POE/Solar Charge Controller up to 130W panel Dual input Battery Charging Controller 12V In 18 POE out

Part: TP-SCPOE-1218

Tycon Power Systems

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  • Tycon Power Systems unique POE/Solar charge controllers with built-in POE Inserter have dual inputs to charge batteries from a POE source and also a secondary source like solar panels in order to provide redundancy and insure 100% uptime for critical applications.
  • The solar panel takes priority so that when the sun is shining the grid power usage is minimized.
  • They have a built in POE inserters and the 12V battery model has integral DC to DC converter that delivers 12V, 18V, 24V or 48V at the POE port.
  • They have full electronic protections for short circuit, reverse current, over-voltage, over-charge and over-discharge. They control the battery charging current to prevent battery damage from overcharging.
  • The built-in over-discharge protection and low self consumption ensures the battery is not over-discharged, which greatly increases the life of the batteries. The load is turned off when 12V battery voltage reaches 11V and turns back on automatically when battery voltage reaches 12V.
  • They have five LED indicators to give a quick visual status if current is being supplied by a POE source or solar panel, if battery is charging, If load output is turned on and a warning if battery is connected with reverse polarity.
  • Solar and Battery Connections are via 4 screw terminals for wire size up to 12AWG. POE Input and Output is via 2 RJ45 shielded connectors.
  • There is a secondary voltage output connector on the back with 5 screw terminals for connecting other electronics to the controller using up to 12AWG wire. The controllers are externally fused with a standard replaceable fuse.


  • Dual Input - Charges 12V or 24V Batteries from
  • Solar Panel and / or Passive POE
  • Built in DC to DC converter with various
  • Passive POE output voltages available:
  • 18V
  • Compact and high temperature operation
  • Low self consumption < 0.5W
  • Remote Power Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Sensors
  • Wireless Stations
  • AP / Client / Repeaters
  • UPS Systems
  • Lighting, Fences, Gates


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