Point-to-Multipoint / PtMP 5 Ghz

Mikrotik OmniTIK U-5HnD , Durable Weatherproof Outdoor Wireless Access Point , Router , Client and Bridge Mode , Nv2 TDMA , built-in 5.8Ghz Atheros AR7241 400MHz 802.11a/n , USB for 3G modem , 32MB , 5 x 10/100 , 2 X 7.5dBi , POE , RouterOS v5 Level4

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  • OmniTIK U-5HnD

  • OmniTIK is a weatherproof outdoor AP with dual-polarized omni antennas the perfect companion for our SXT, or for any other 5GHz 802.11a/n standard device.

  • Weatherproof, durable and ready to use.

  • It has five 10/100 Ethernet ports, PoE support and a built-in 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio.

  • It supports Nv2 TDMA technology with up to 200Mbit aggregate throughput.

  • LED signal indicators on it’s back are fully customisable, show Ethernet activity or wireless signal or any other information from RouterOS.

  • The USB port gives the ability to connect a 3G modem or a storage drive.

  • The OmniTIK runs RouterOS with all it’s features.

  • CPU Atheros AR7241 400MHz network processor

  • Memory 32MB DDR SDRAM onboard memory

  • Boot loader RouterBOOT

  • Data storage 64MB onboard NAND memory chip

  • Ethernet Five 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet port with Auto-MDI/X, L2MTU frame size up to 2030

  • Wireless Wireless Built-in 5GHz 802.11a/n 2x2 MIMO

  • Antenna Two 7.5dBi (+/-1dBi) omni with different polarities (ch0 horizontal, ch1 vertical polarization)

  • Extras Reset switch, Beeper, USB 2.0 port, Voltage monitor, Temperature monitor

  • LEDs 5 programmable LEDs (Ethernetactivity by default), one power LED

  • Power options Passive 9-30V PoE only. 16KV ESD protection on RF port

  • Dimensions 368x125x55mm, 520g

  • Operating temperature -30C to +70C

  • Operating system MikroTik RouterOS v5, Level4 license

  • Package contains OmniTIK unit, mounting bracket, hose clamp, PoE injector, 24V power adapter

  • RX sensitivity

  • 802.11a: –96 dBm @ 6Mbps to -80 dBm @ 54 Mbps

  • 802.11n: –96 dBm @ MCS0 to –77 dBm @ MCS7

  • TX power

  • 802.11a: 26dBm @ 6Mbps to 22dBm @ 54 Mbps

  • 802.11n: 25dBm @ MCS0 to 19dBm @ MCS7

  • Modulations


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