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AirLive POE-FSH8PW - 8 port 24V Passive POE Web Smart Switch, Power Over Ethernet, port based VLAN, Tag VLAN, Bandwidth Control, Trunking, Broadcast Storm Control



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  • The AirLive PoE-FSH8PW is the industry’s first 24V Passive PoE switch with full power internal power supply and rack mountable.  

  • The AirLive POE-FSH8PW is an 8-Port, 24V DC passive POE, Web Smart Switch.  

  • It provides 24V DC power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable, and is the ideal distribution switch for AirLive’s Wireless solution.  

  • With the Passive POE function, the POE-FSH8PW can power AirLive’s passive POE CPE or AP without additional power adapter. Moreover, it provides a remote management function for enabling/disabling the POE power output. 

  • POE-FSH8PW also provides other useful network management functions, such as port based VLAN, Tag VLAN, Bandwidth Control, Trunking, and Broadcast Storm Control.  

  • For Wireless Hotspot or WISP system, POE-FSH8PW helps the installer not only to establish the network easier, but to design the network more flexible and secure.

  • Supply 24V power over Ethernet cable to 24Vdc PoE Devices

  • Full Power 130 Watt Built-in Power Supply

  • Up to 100 meter cabling distance

  • Support AirLive Models: AP60, G.DUO, AirMax2, AirMax5

  • Web Management for configuring POE On/Off, Bandwidth Control and Tag VLAN

  • Support IGMP Snooping,Port Mirroring and MAC Binding advanced network management function

  • Optional Rack Mount adapter

    ** Click Here for POE-FSH8PW Datasheet ** 

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