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Airlive WMU-6000FS - 2.5" Wireless-G Hard Drive With Access Point Capabilities

Part: WMU-6000FS


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  • The WMU-6000FS is a wireless file server with one 2.5" Hard Drive bay and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

  • Therefore, you can install any 2.5" IDE Hard Drive and share it instantly on the network. Users can use My Network Place to access the Hard Drive. Even set it as a network Drive.

  • So you can save or read files directly. The WMU-6000FS can set username and password to limit access only to certain users. Best of all, Internet user can access the device throughput standard FTP client.

  • The AirLive WMU-6000FS is equipped with 802.11g wireless technology. So you can build a wireless network around it.

  • It's wireless AP function is available in 4 separate modes : AP, WDS Bridge, WDS Repeater, and Ethernet Client.

  • So you can build a new wireless network or integrate the device into existing wireless environment easily. WPA and WEP encryption are standard for secure wireless Transmission.

  • 54Mbps 2.5" Wireless Hard Drive

  • Share your Hard Disk wirelessly

  • Built your wireless network using the AP function, or integrate to your existing wireless network using Client function.

  • Fast Performance for Realtime Video sharing

  • 2 x USB Ports for Sharing USB memory device or Printer

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