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Guest Internet GIS-R3 Internet access gateway up to 100 users, ideal for small motels and hotels, provide Wi-Fi Internet throughout a building.

Part: GIS-R3

Guest Internet

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  • The GIS-R3 Hotspot gateway provides any business with all the features to transform a wireless access point into a fully functional WiFi Hotspot for up to 100 concurrent users.

  • Guests and visitors who require Internet access can be authenticated via the login page.

  • The hotspot gateway also includes a firewall, upload and download speed controls, a content filter and a disclaimer (terms and conditions) file that can be edited.

  • Businesses that want to charge for Hotspot services can use the credit card billing service together with user reporting and accounting facilities.

  • Peer to peer (P2P) file download blocking can be used to prevent guests from downloading copyrighted file.

  • GIS-R3 Technical specifications:
  • Plug and play with the setup wizard
  • Firewall blocks access from LAN to WAN
  • Firewall blocks file sharing software
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Content filter using OpenDNS
  • Download/upload speed control
  • Allowed IP and MAC addresses
  • Free and controlled Internet access
  • Credit card billing and usage reporting
  • Timer/calendar to set availability
  • Concurrent clients: 75
  • Access code database: 10000
  • LOGIN PAGE        
  • Branding via the login page generator
  • Ten login pages are preinstalled
  • Upload your own background graphic
  • Create a custom HTML login page design
  • Add custom login page banner advertising
  • Disclaimer agreement with built in editor
  • Link to business web site home page
  • Login page access code generator
  • Login code usage reporting    
  • Create a ‘walled garden’ using URL bypass
  • Library of login page designs available
  • Login page simulator on our website
  • Optional billing page for CC processing
  • Customer data collection application
  • Login page backup/restore
  • PoS integration to sell access codes
  • Code fetch/ manage via HTTP
  • WAN (Internet) RJ-45 10/100
  • LAN (network) RJ-45 10/100
  • Commercial grade equipment suitable
  • for installation in any non-industrial
  • environment    
  • Enclosure: W 5” x D 1.9” x H 6.25”
  • 12volt 110v/220v supply, 25W
  • 3 years
  • Applications for the GIS-R3                            
  • Restaurant    –    Marina    –    Bookstore    –    Student dorms
  • Coffee bar    –    Bus station    –    Hospital    –    Church
  • Public library    –    Train station    –    Airport    –    Contractors office
  • Truck stop    –    Music concert    –    Shopping mall    –    Municipal office
  • Motel    –    Theater    –    Hotel    –    Flea market
  • RV park    –    Golf club    –    Resort    –    Event reception
  • Visitor center    –    Sports club    –    Internet kiosk    –    Multi-tenant condo
  • Public park    –    Gymnasium    –    Trade show

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