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Guest Internet Hotspot Gateway GIS-R80 for up to 2.000 guests Low cost Internet Plug and play: easy to use install wizard

Part: GIS-R80

Guest Internet

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  • Model: GIS-R80

Many businesses offer free wireless Internet for guests or charge for the Internet service. The GIS units make providing such a service safe and simple. Main features include displaying a customised login page, capturing user data for marketing and managing users with a range of powerful tools. The GIS units are a powerful marketing tool for any business allowing you to advertise and promote your brand via the customised login page to every user that connects to your network. The login pages of the GIS units can be customised either using the simple wizard or by uploading a fully customised login page. The GIS units also protect the network from attackers, preventing access to office computers or PoS system. Having an open network introduces risk to a business' network which can be mitigated with the cyber-security features of the GIS unit. A common problem with offering an open internet access to guests, is that the business owner can be held liable for activity on their network. The GIS unit captures all required information to help authorities to identify a user for any illegal activities. GIS unit can be configured to provide content filtering via OpenDNS. Using this functionality you can block access to websites based on categories providing a safe browsing experience for your guests. Bandwidth controls to improve quality of service (QoS) on the unit can be enabled to limit user download and upload speed, spreading the available bandwidth evenly across users. The GIS units are all simple plug and play installations, requiring no specialist knowledge.

Gateway Features

  • Cloud management (optional)
  • Plug and play with the setup wizard
  • Firewall Blocks access from LAN to WAN
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Content filtering with OpenDNS
  • Download/Upload speed control
  • Allowed IP and MAC addresses
  • Free and controlled Internet access
  • Timer/calander to set availability
  • Access point failure monitoring
  • Port-forwarding for remote access to APs
  • Facebook and email login for data collection
  • Quad WAN with load-balancing and failover


  • Concurrent Clients: 2000
  • Access code database: 10000

Login page options

  • Unique user code login
  • Purchase code with paypal or credit/debit
  • card
  • Social Media login with Facebook
  • Login with Email for data capture
  • Disclaimer mode
  • Open access mode

API for POS interface

  • PoS integration to sell access codes, create,delete, view and manage via HTTP


  • 1 year for product defects


  • WAN1-WAN4: RJ-45 10/100/1000
  • LAN1-LAN4: RJ-45 10/100/1000


  • Commercial grade equipment suitable forinstallation in any non-industrial environment

Dimensions & Power

  • Enclosure: 44cm x 26cm x 4.5cm
  • 12v 110v/220v supply 1.25A


  • Custom branding with the login page generator
  • Upload custom background image
  • Full customisation with HTML and CSS login pages. Uploaded via the admin

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