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Ubiquiti NanoStation AC loco5 NS-5ACL 5GHz 802.11ac airMAX ac CPE Radio 450+ Mbps Wireless Access Point???????

Part: NS-5ACL


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Model: NS-5ACL

The Ubiquiti NanoStation AC loco integrates airMAX Wireless Access Point??????? (MIMO TDMA protocol) technology and dedicated Wi-Fi management to create a more efficient and compact CPE. The low cost, high performance, and small form factor of the NanoStation AC loco makes it extremely versatile and economical to deploy.

Product Features:
• Real Time Reporting
• Spectral Analysis
• Advanced RF Analytics
• Up to 450+ Mbps Real TCP/IP Throughput
• Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management
• Versatile Mounting: Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
• Improved Surge Protection: The NanoStation AC loco utilize the latest ESD Protection to help protect against power surges.
• Efficient Footprint: The radio and antenna are combined into a single body that takes up minimal space.
• Quick Installation: No fasteners are required for pole-mounting

  • Gigabit Ethernet Networking Interface
  • 5 GHz Frequency
  • Management Radio
  • 10/20/30/40/50/60/80 MHz Bandwidth
  • 560 MHz Atheros MIPS 74Kc Processor
  • 450+ Mbps Throughput
  • 15+ km Range
  • 64 MB DDR2 Memory
  • 1.8:1 Max VSWR
  • 45° Beamwidth
  • Dual Linear Polarization
  • Outdoor Stabilized UV Plastic Enclosure
  • Includes Pole-Mount Kit


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