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AirLive POE-200CAM v2 Dual Stream Dome fixed IP Security / Network Camera, PoE, high performance camera designed for professional indoor surveillance and security applications.

Part: POE-200CAM V2


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  • AirLive POE-200CAMv2 is a high performance camera designed for professional indoor surveillance and security applications.

  • The VGA Progressive CMOS Sensor in the POE-200CAMv2 delivers exceptional picture quality.

  • This new model complements an architecture and software that is based on variations for professional indoor surveillance and security applications.

  • The possibility to view video from AirLive IP Cameras over the Internet is only one of the benefits. AirLive POE-200CAMv2 is designed to offer high-performance and is equipped with PoE port, ensuring to power IP camera and provide network activity via one RJ45 network cable.

  • This provides an easier installation and lower cable costs and allows placement of Airlive POE cameras in locations with power limitation.

  • Video Quality

  • The AirLive POE-200CAMv2 supports simultaneous dual-streaming of MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG(MJPEG) to provide both high quality and bandwidth efficient compression formats. MJPEG deliversgreater file integrity to make it ideal for detailed monitoring situations. MPEG-4 video has smaller filesizes that makes it more useful for extended recording periods or for use in lower bandwidth networks.This model also supports two way audio functions.

  • Language Pack Feature

  • This camera also comes with upgradeable device language pack offering fourteen differentlanguages

  • for user-friendly operation. The language pack supports 14 languages now and is stillupdating. These languages include Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, and more

  • View from Mobile Phone

  • The RSTP protocol feature allows 3G and 2.5G mobile phones to display captured images fromthe camera for live video surveillance from a remote location. With automatic light adjustment thateliminates bit rate problems caused by poor night time performance, POE-200CAMv2 is the perfectsolution remotely monitor environment.

  • The mobile device must be Internet-ready. Support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and beequipped with a 3G video player such as PacketVideo™, Quicktime™, or RealPlayer™, and haveInternet access.

  • A PoE Switch or router is required to provide power via the Ethernet connection.

  • Use of video equipment for recording the image of a person without their knowledge and consentare prohibited in certain states or jurisdictions. The end-user assumes all liability for compliance withapplicable state, local, and federal laws.

  • AirLive CamProExpress

  • The AirLive CamPro Express supports 32 cameras, providing a fully integrated surveillanceand alarm management solution. The AirLive CamPro Express is a complete freeware for you todo the central monitoring. You can find this software in the CD or you can download from the supportpage. The CamPro Express support WL-2000CAM, POE-100CAMv2, POE-200CAMv2, OD-300CAM, POE-260CAM, WL-2600CAM. OD-325HD, OD-600HD, POE-250HD, POE-200HD.

  • 1/4 CMOS Dual Stream DOME IP Camera

  • Dome Type PoE IP Camera

  • 2-Way Audio Capability

  • Dual Stream MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG Support

  • 2.5G and 3.5G View from Mobile Phone

  • 32 channel surveillance software

  • Language Pack and Web Monitor

  • 802.3af PoE Port

Click Here to view AirLive POE-200CAM Datasheet

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