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Airlive WAE-5AG 5dbi Dual Band Outdoor Omni Antenna, Male N-Type connector, weather resistant, 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum, 360 degree horizontal, outdoor AP, multi-point Bridge.

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  • Airlive WAE-5AG is a 5dBi wireless antenna constructed of weather resistant material.  It can operate in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.  This makes it ideal to work with Dual Band outdoor AP. 

  • The omni-directional(360 degree horizontal) coverage is suitable l for outdoor AP or multi-point Bridge use.   The antenna is equipped with male N-Type connector for direct installation on the outdoor AP.

  • Dual Band Multi-pont Bridge or Outdoor AP Use

  • The WAE-5G is an outdoor antenna with wide coverage angle.   It is ideal for building AP + Bridge network at around 500meter diameter.  It is also very suitablel for hotspot deployment.  At 2.4GHz, it has peak again of 4.5dBi with 360 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical coverage. 

  • At 5GHz, it has peak again of 7dBi with 360 degree horizontal and 15 degree vertical coverage.  It is highly recommennd for use with our WH-9200Ap and WHA-5500CPE-NT outdoor Access Points.

  • Works in Both 5G and 2.4G frequency band

  • Up to 7dB in 11a mode

  • Up to 4.5dB in 11g/b mode

  • For up to 1km distance

  • Male N-Type Connector for Direct Installation on outdoor AP

  • Design for AP+Bridge and Hotspot installations

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