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Tycon Power UPS-PL24-UNI UPSPro Universal 24V Subassy No Battery No Controller

Part: UPS-PL24-UNI

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  • Tycon Power UPS-PL24-UNI UPSPro, Polycarbonate Enclosure, Universal 12V Subassy, No Battery, No Controller.
  • The UPS Pro™ series outdoor enclosures are designed for applications that require a backup power source in order to maintain uninterrupted service to customers. The enclosure is powered over a CAT5 network cable via Power Over Ethernet (POE) using a POE Supply/Inserter (included).
  • Customer electronics operate from battery power so they are isolated from damaging power line surges. The batteries are continuously charged via the POE input and/or solar power.
  • The controller has a secondary wire terminal output which equals the battery voltage for connecting multiple pieces of equipment to the battery power, in addition to the POE output.
  • There is a generous amount of space reserved inside the enclosures for customer electronics such as controllers, wireless AP or CPE cards, sensors, inverters, etc. Most models are equipped with a Solar Ready controller so they can also be powered using solar panels in addition to or instead of the POE power supply.
  • Multiple configurations are available for 12V or 24V systems with various battery storage capacities and POE output voltages.
  • A typical 250mW wireless access point with average power consumption of 3.5W will run 26 hours on a 9AH battery at room temperature or 17 hours at -20 deg C. 

  • Protects sensitive electronics from damaging power line surges
  • Provides 24hour battery backup @ 3.5 W load or 12 hours @7W load per 9Ah battery
  • Powered Over CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • Several POE voltages available (12V, 18V, 24V and 48VDC)

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