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Ubiquiti IP Gateway mPort Interface and Sensor Ethernet Wi-Fi Device for mFi Networks




Ubiquiti mFi Power Controller with Wifi Connectivity 8-port - US Version

mFi is a Machine-to-Machine management system from Ubiquiti Networks®. mFi hardware is managed and monitored from the mFi Controller software. The mFi Controller allows you to create rules that trigger actions based on data from your mFi sensors. For example, motion detection can turn a light on, or a high temperature reading can trigger a fan. The mFi platform is compatible with third-party devices, making the options unlimited!

  • Easy Bridging to IP Network

The mPort™ instantly bridges any serial connection, sensor or other device to your Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

  • mFi® Sensors

Ubiquiti offers a wide selection of sensors including motion, temperature, current and door/window sensors. Connect sensors to the mPort™ to create an intelligent mFi network for machine management and smart building automation.

  • Advanced Management Software

Make buildings smarter and more efficient using the intuitive UI and powerful features of the mFi® Controller software.

  • Simple Setup

Easily set up devices by creating rules to control sensors and machines depending on schedules or conditions.

• Built-in WiFi and Ethernet to connect to the IP network
• 2 mFi RJ45 connectors
• 1 Terminal block connector

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