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Ubiquiti U Installer Installation Tool airMAX Wi-Fi Connectivity CPE 24V PoE



Model: U-Installer

Ubiquiti U-Installer airMAX CPE Installation Tool

The durable Ubiquiti Installer should be in every WISP installer’s toolbox. The U-Installer makes installing airMAX Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) devices easier and more efficient. The U-Installer makes installing airMAX CPE devices quicker and easier by providing Wi-Fi connectivity and 24V PoE to the device. Installation can then be completed using the intuitive U-Mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. Position, provision, and configure the CPE device at the point of installation using a tablet or smartphone. 

The Wi-Fi functionality allows the U-Installer to be used with devices that don’t support 24V PoE.


  • 24V PoE and 1000mAh Internal Battery Pack

The U-Installer provides 24V PoE power to the airMAX CPE. With its internal battery pack, the U-Installer simplifies your installation toolkit.

  • UNMS Mobile Support

Use the intuitive UNMS Mobile app for iOS or Android to align and configure the airMAX CPE or other Ubiquiti device.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

The U-Installer provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the airOS management interface of a Ubiquiti device for a tablet or smartphone.

  • Wi-Fi Frequency

2.4 GHz

  • Max Transmit Power

22 dBm

  • Max Power Consumption U-Installer U-Installer with CPE

3W 15W

  • Ports

(1) USB-C Port

  • Management Interface


  • Wi-Fi Standards


More Information

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