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Ubiquiti OMT Dish Mounting Kit 5units 27dBi Hi-Gain Reflector Compatible with PrismStation



Model: U-OMT-Dish-5 (5units)

OMT-Dish Antenna

Pair the PrismStation with a robust dish antenna, model U-OMT-Dish, to provide SISO or 2x2 MIMO, dual-polarity performance as a client in a PtMP link. This radio/antenna combination delivers bandwidth to an extended number of WISP customers.
• Dish reflector design for excellent beam directivity
• Industrial-strength hardware for outdoor use
• HPOL and VPOL Beamwidth: 6.5°
• Antenna gain: 27 dBi

Model: U-OMT-Dish-5 (5units)

  • Specification:

Frequency (GHz): 5
Gain (dBi): 27
Polarization: Horizontal and vertical
SWR: <2
Radiating angle - H (°): 6.5
Radiating angle - V (°): 6.5

1 unit:

  •    Weight (kg): 0,92
  •    Height (mm): 152
  •    Width (mm): 187
  •    Depth (mm):113

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