Airlive WAE-5AG 5dbi Dual Band Outdoor Omni Antenna Male N-Type 2.4GHz



 The WAE-5AG is a 5dBi wireless antenna constructed of weather resistant material. It can operate in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum. This makes it ideal to work with Dual Band outdoor AP. The omni-directional (360 degree horizontal) coverage is suitable l for outdoor AP or multi-point Bridge use. The antenna is equipped with male N-Type connector for direct installation on the outdoor AP.

  • Airlive WAE-5AG is a 5dBi wireless antenna constructed of weather resistant material.  It can operate in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.  This makes it ideal to work with Dual Band outdoor AP. 

  • Dual Band Multi-pont Bridge or Outdoor AP Use

  • It is ideal for building AP + Bridge network at around 500meter diameter. 

  • At 5GHz, it has peak again of 7dBi with 360 degree horizontal and 15 degree vertical coverage.  It is highly recommennd for use with our WH-9200Ap and WHA-5500CPE-NT outdoor Access Points.

    Technical Description 

    • Works in Both 5G and 2.4G frequency band
    • Up to 7dB in 11a mode
    • Up to 4.5dB in 11g/b mode
    • For up to 1km distance
    • Male N-Type Connector for Direct Installation on outdoor AP
    • Design for AP+Bridge and Hotspot installation

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