Enhancing Connectivity: A Restaurant's Journey to Seamless Wi-Fi

Published by Juan David on 6th Feb 2024

Hi, I'm Juan, the lead at the tech support team here at Flytec. Today, I'm excited to share the story of a client who walked through our doors with a big project in hand. Join me as we explore how we not only guided them to the best products but also ensured the right configuration for their new restaurant venture, all while optimizing costs.

In the bustling heart of the city, a new restaurant venture embarked on a quest to create not just a dining experience but a connectivity haven for its patrons. With a spacious 3000-square-foot layout, our client envisioned a seamless Wi-Fi experience, recognizing the crucial role technology plays in today's dining landscape.

Restaurant plan

The Initial Encounter: A Vision and a Challenge

The restaurant owner reached out to us at Flytec with a project in hand and a vision of offering top-notch connectivity to guests. The challenge was clear – how to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage across the entire restaurant, ensuring that every guest enjoys a fast and stable connection.

Understanding the Landscape: UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) as the Central Nexus

Our team, well-versed in these types of projects, immediately identified the need for a centralized management solution. The UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) emerged as the perfect cornerstone – a single device seamlessly integrating the UniFi Controller, security gateway, switch, and access point.

Placing the UDM strategically at the heart of the restaurant ensured not only a powerful Wi-Fi signal but also simplified network administration through the UniFi Controller.

Wi-Fi 6: The Powerhouse Access Points

To meet the demand for cutting-edge connectivity, we recommended the deployment of UniFi 6 Plus Access Points (U6+). These Wi-Fi 6 access points boasted the latest technology, providing faster speeds and enhanced capacity.

The deployment strategy involved placing the U6+ access points strategically across the restaurant's landscape. Areas with high guest density, such as dining spaces and waiting zones, became prime locations for optimal coverage.

Access point installation plan

Access Point Coverage

Fine-Tuning for Perfection: Channel and Capacity Planning

Employing the UniFi Controller to meticulously plan channel utilization, we were able to minimize interference from neighboring networks but also optimized the performance of each access point.

Capacity planning became a focal point, ensuring that the Wi-Fi network could effortlessly handle the anticipated load. The Wi-Fi 6 technology inherent in the U6+ access points provided the necessary horsepower for a crowded and dynamic restaurant environment.

Ubiquiti access point

Results: A Seamless Connectivity Symphony

The result? A symphony of seamless connectivity echoing through the restaurant. Patrons could now indulge in not just delectable dishes but also immersive digital experiences. The guest network, securely isolated, became a testament to our commitment to both performance and security.

In the end, our collaboration with the restaurant owner was not just about supplying products; it was about crafting an environment where connectivity seamlessly blended with the ambiance, enhancing the overall dining experience.

As we reflect on this journey, we are reminded that every project, no matter its size, presents an opportunity to help our customers elevate their business and provide extra value to their clientele.

Stay connected and stay inspired!