The Best Wi-Fi Routers for Streaming

Published by Juan David on 9th Feb 2024

In the era of high-definition streaming, the demand for robust and reliable Wi-Fi routers has never been greater. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite series, streaming live gameplay, or conducting Zoom meetings, a good router is a cornerstone of a seamless online experience. We've rounded up some of the best Wi-Fi routers from Ubiquiti, MikroTik, and Vilo that are sure to elevate your streaming game.

Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine (UDM)

  • Best for: Home users seeking a blend of performance and simplicity.
  • Features: Combines a high-performance router with a 4x4 MIMO technology, ensuring wide coverage and steady connections.
  • Why It's Great for Streaming: The UDM offers advanced security features and robust network management, making it perfect for households with multiple streaming devices.