Why should you consider investing in UniFi APs?

Published by Juan David on 15th Feb 2024

UniFi presents an advanced solution that empowers you to seamlessly oversee over 100 APs with the same ease as managing a single AP. These APs deliver top-notch hardware performance tailored to various elegantly crafted form factors suitable for diverse applications in any professional setting.

By coupling UniFi APs with a UniFi Cloud Gateway, you unlock a comprehensive UniFi Network experience. This includes bolstered network security, detailed traffic analytics, integrated VPN access, and the intuitively robust Policy-Based Routing (PBR) feature set."

How to set up and configure your AP?

  1. Ensure that UniFi is set up and operational.
  2. Power on your UniFi AP and confirm it's connected to your UniFi Console.*
  3. Launch your UniFi Mobile App (available for iOS / Android) or access your UniFi Site Manager via web browser.
  4. Click or tap to adopt the device when it appears.

*Note: UniFi APs can be powered on either by connecting them to a UniFi PoE Switch or an AC power supply using a PoE Adapter. **For the smoothest setup process, it's recommended to use a UniFi Cloud Gateway.

Which AP suits your needs best?

Let's say you're a small business owner looking to upgrade your Wi-Fi network. Depending on your specific needs and environment, different UniFi APs could be the perfect fit:

  1. Flagship: If you run a bustling office space with multiple floors and a high number of connected devices, a flagship AP would ensure seamless connectivity and performance for all your employees.U6
  2. In-Wall: Perhaps you own a boutique hotel and want to offer reliable Wi-Fi to your guests without sacrificing aesthetics. In-wall APs can discreetly provide coverage in each room, ensuring a seamless online experience for your guests.In-wall AP`s
  3. Outdoor: If you manage a large outdoor venue like a theme park or outdoor shopping center, weatherproof outdoor APs can provide reliable Wi-Fi access to visitors, even in challenging weather conditions.