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Hybertone GSM Modem 16 Ports 32 SIM Cards M35-16 GSM Module



  • GSM Modem Pool 16 Ports 32Sims , it has 8 ports, each ports has 4 SIM card slot, totally 16 ports 32SIMs, RS232 / USB type optional.

  • It is a newly developed GSM/GPRS Modem pool solution which can automatically realize SIM rotation when do bulk SMS sending, it can effectively lower the SIM block by carriers, and improve the SMS sending efficiency.

  • You can preset the SIM rotation rule through hyper terminal of PC by AT command, then the device will automatically do SIM rotation according to the rule. 

  • Just like 16 single-channel equipments work at the same time

  • Insert 16 SIM cards(big or small)

  • Connection with the computer through a data line be integrated with Serial 16

  • Each channel with separate power switch

  • Each individual module be demolished

  • Industrial chassis, elegant shell

  • GSM frequency:900/1800MHz

  • 16 x SIM card(big/small) slots

  • Wireless access to internet

  • Comply with GSM phase2 standard

  • Dual-band/Quad-band(optional)

  • RJ45 interface(optional)

  • 16 SIM Card supported (Big/Small)

  • Optional data, voice function

  • Send and receive English SMS/MMS in bulk

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