Iuron 16 cores Fiber Optic Distribution Box DT42 Empty With Mini PLC Splitter holding tray



Introducing the Iuron 16 Core Fiber Optic Distribution Box DT42, the ultimate solution for high-performance fiber optic distribution needs! Engineered with precision, this state-of-the-art distribution box boasts a sleek design and unparalleled functionality.

Designed to excel in both outdoor and indoor settings, our distribution box is the cornerstone of modern telecommunication networks. With its innovative features, including a Mini PLC Splitter holding tray, it's the perfect tool for inletting, splicing, splitting, and distributing fiber cables with ease and efficiency.


  • Total Enclosed Structure: Sleek and robust, ensuring optimum protection for your network components while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Easy Maintenance and Installation: With a box open angle of 180°, access for maintenance and installation is a breeze, saving you time and effort.
  • All-in-One Solution: From clamping feeder cables to storing and distributing fiber, our distribution box handles it all seamlessly, streamlining your network operations.
  • Organized Cable Management: Say goodbye to tangled cables. Our innovative design ensures that cables, pigtails, and patch cords have their own dedicated paths, minimizing interference and maximizing efficiency. Plus, cassette type SC adapter installation makes maintenance a cinch.
  • Flexible Configuration: The distribution panel can be flipped up for easy access, while feeder cables can be neatly arranged in a cup-joint manner, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Whether you prefer wall-mounted or pole-mounted installation, our cabinet is adaptable to suit your needs, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Experience the future of fiber networking with Iuron Fiber Ethernet Distribution Box. Elevate your network infrastructure and performance today!

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