Iuron Automatic High Precision Optical Fiber Cutter



IU-TL-140100 - Automatic High Precision Optical Fiber Cutter Cleaver

The IU-TL-140100 Automatic High Precision Optical Fiber Cutter Cleaver is designed for field splicing units, providing exceptional precision and durability. Featuring a rotating blade with multiple scoring positions, this cleaver achieves a blade life of 36,000 cleaves with a highly accurate cleave angle. Its robust, field-serviceable construction includes options such as a tripod mount for secure platform mounting. Additionally, the cleaver comes with an integral cleave length scale for precise measurement during cleaving.

With its advanced features and robust design, the IU-TL-140100 Automatic High Precision Optical Fiber Cutter Cleaver is an essential tool for achieving accurate and efficient fiber optic cleaving in the field.


  • High Precision Cleaving: Achieves a typical cleave angle of 0.5 degrees for singlemode and multimode fibers.
  • Long Blade Life: The rotating blade offers a lifetime of up to 36,000 cleaves (3,000 per blade position).
  • Robust Construction: Built to be field-serviceable, ensuring durability and reliability in various environments.
  • Tripod Mount Option: Allows for secure platform mounting, enhancing stability during use.
  • Integral Cleave Length Scale: Facilitates exact length measurement during cleaving.


  • Ideal for use in field splicing units, the IU-TL-140100 is perfect for telecom technicians, network installers, and maintenance professionals who require high precision and reliability in fiber optic cleaving.

Technical Description

  • Applicable fibers: Single mode or Multi mode Use
  • Fiber Diameter: 125um
  • Coating Diameter: 250um ~ 900um
  • Typical Cleaver Angle: 0.5 Degrees
  • Cleaver Length:3
    • 9 - 16mm (Single Fiber - 0.25mm Coating) 
    • 10 - 16mm (Single Fiber - 0.9mm Coating)
  • Blade Life Time: 36,000 cleaves (3,000 per blade position)
  • Cleaver Dimensions: 63 x 65 x 63mm
  • Weight: 475g

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