Mikrotik CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM Cloud Router Switch



The MikroTik CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM is a switch developed specifically for robust settings. It has an unmatched port density with 20 ultra-fast 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which are perfect for the consumption of next-generation devices and data-thirsty applications. There are also four combo ports that can either use 2.5-Gig SFP+ or 10-Gig preferring them within combo, while at the same time the user can choose the port that is more suitable for the required case. Connected at extreme speeds through fiber, the CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM is optimized to be as fast as two 40 Gigabit QSFP+ ports for the immediate data transfer in proper data center applications, including high-performance backbones making it ideal for the most demanding tasks.

This switch was designed for the wildest possible man, without giving up its up-time. With a perfect union of a very large heat sink and strong fans operating in a tandem movement, it is virtually impossible to be too hot unless your traffic is too high. However, even in this case, the switch will have the power to write the data. And with the presence of the latter, there are separate power supplies that ensure a constant flow of current and are thus seen to be the least of the problems if they are being run continuously. On the other hand, the management port of the device can be used for network settings and information if an issue arises. The rack-mount earpiece is offered as a means of giving you a leg over in your current configuration.

With the CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM, we are no longer talking about a simple switch. The switch is characterized by an advanced Marvell Prestera Switch-chip and the related software then bring in an environment where high functionality and scalability are the seen from a different perspective. The CPU manages the tasks of traffic, advanced configurations and even Layer 3 routing, in addition to the exceptional performance and scalability of the network.

Technical Description

  • Specifications
    • Product code: CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM
    • Architecture: MIPSBE
    • CPU: QCA9531
    • CPU core count: 1
    • CPU nominal frequency: 650 MHz
    • Switch chip model: 98DX8332
    • RouterOS license: 6
    • Operating System: RouterOS v7
    • Size of RAM: 128 MB
    • Storage size: 32 MB
    • Storage type: FLASH
    • MTBF: Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C
    • Tested ambient temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Powering
    • Number of AC inputs: 2
    • AC input range: 100-240
    • Frequency (Hz): 47-63
    • Max power consumption: 70 W
    • Max power consumption without attachments: 51 W
    • Cooling type: 2 fans
  • Ethernet
    • 10/100 Ethernet ports: 1
    • Number of 2.5G Ethernet ports: 20
    • Number of Combo 10G Ethernet/ SFP+ ports: 4* (2.5G ETH/10G SFP+)
  • Fiber
    • Number of 40G QSFP+ ports: 2
  • Peripherals
    • Serial console port: RJ45
  • Other
    • PCB temperature monitor: Yes
    • Voltage Monitor: Yes
  • Certification & Approvals
    • Certification: CE, EAC, ROHS
    • IP: 20

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