OpenVox FXS Analog VoIP Gateway iAG880 8 Port 1 LAN Port



Model: IAG880

OpenVox Analog Gateway open source asterisk-based Analog VoIP Gateway solution for SMBs and SOHOs

OpenVox iAG880 FXS Analog VoIP Gateway supports 8 FXS ports. With features of small size, exquisite enclosure and high performance, the iAG Analog VoIP Gateway is specially designed for saving space and maximizing cost savings, it is ideal for SMBs and SOHOs.

 It can be configured for different country uses, provides a wide selection of codecs including G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.722, G.723 and ILBC. The iAG Analog VoIP Gateways use standard SIP protocol and fully compatible with Leading IMS/NGN platform, IPPBX and SIP servers. 

System Features:

  • Support NTP time synchronization and client time synchronization, modify username and password for web login, update firmware online, backup configuration file, upload configuration file.

  • Abundant Log Info, Automatically Reboot, Call status display, Language selection (Chinese/English)

  • Support Ring cadence and frequency setting, WMI (Message Waiting Indicator)

  • Support for custom scripts, dialplans


  • Support DDNS, DNS, DHCP, DTMF relay, NAT Networking, VPN client, PPTP VPN, ping command on the web. Network type:Static IP, Dynamic
  • 8 FXS ports

  • 1 LAN port

  • 13W Maximum Power

  • 12V DC/2.33A Power Supply

  • Simple and convenient configuration via Web GUI

  • Abundant Log Features

  • Open API interface(AMI)

  • Support T.38 fax relay and T.30 fax transparent,can continually fax multiple pages

  • Echo cancellation and Static jitter buffer

  • Support DTMF relay

  • Support Ring cadence and frequency setting

  • Support volume control

  • Support MWI(Message waiting indicator)

  • Support DHCP?DNS/DDNS?NAT networking

  • Support diverse SIP protocols

  • Diverse extensible applications, such as IVR,DISA

  • Support NTP time synchronization and client time synchronization

  • Support modify username and password for web login

  • Support SSH remote operation

  • Support update firmware online

  • Support configuration file backup and upload

  • Support for custom scripts, dialplans

  • Support restore the factory settings

  • Support VAD and CNG

  • Independent System for Each Module

  • Affordable Price with Superior Performance

  • Hot-swap Design for Modules

  • Compatible with Asterisk, Elastix, 3CX, FreeSWITCH Sip Server and VOS VoIP operating platform

  • Available for OEM

  • 3-Month "No Questions Asked" Return Policy

  • One Year Warranty

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