RF Elements


RF Elements -TwistPort™ Adaptor with SMA Connectors



TwistPort Adaptor (TPA) adapts 3rd party radios to RF elements® proprietary TwistPortTM waveguide connector. We typically provide custom made TPA for specific 3rd party radios, following their shape and connector setup. Custom designed TPA allows for the best RF performance, minimal RF loss and excellent user experience. Not all radios are able to fit custom designed TPA. They might be too bulky, too heavy or simply we do not know about them. For these radios we created TPA that provides RP-SMA male connector interface. TPA-SMA provides industry most used RP-SMA male coaxial interface in dual linear H+V polarization,RP-SMA connectors are placed directly on waveguide avoiding use of inner coaxial cables and minimizing loss to necessary minimum.

Technical Description

  • Antenna Connection: TwistPort - Quick Locking Waveguide Port
  • Radio Connection: 2x RP-SMA male
  • Materials: Insert - Aluminium Alloy, Adaptor - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic
  • Flame Rating: UL 94 HB
  • Temperature: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
  • Wind Survival: 160 km/h
  • Weight: 0.21 Kg / 0.46 lbs – single unit, 0.28 Kg / 0.61 lbs – single unit incl. package 29.0 Kg / 63.9 lbs – carton (100 units)
  • Single Unit: Retail Box: 15.5 × 10.0 × 9.7 cm
  • 100 Units: Carton Box: 99 × 48 × 32 cm

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