Siklu 0.5ft. V-band Antenna for MultiHaul TG Radios



Introducing the 0.5ft V-band Antenna for MultiHaul TG Radios, model AX-ANT-0.5FT, specifically designed to optimize the performance of your MultiHaul TG Long Reach Terminal Units (TU LR). This versatile antenna is compatible with the MH-T280 and operates in the 57-69 GHz frequency range, ensuring reliable and efficient wireless communication for your intended applications.

The AX-ANT-0.5FT boasts an impressive 36 dBi +/- 2dB gain, along with a 55dB front-to-back ratio, delivering a strong and focused signal. The antenna features linear vertical polarization and can handle an input power of up to 10W. With a lightweight construction of just 980g, the antenna is easy to handle and install.

Featuring a durable plastic radome, the AX-ANT-0.5FT is designed to withstand harsh environments and maintain its performance. It meets FCC/ETSI standards, ensuring compliance and quality. Please note that the mounting kit is not included. Works with Siklu Etherhaul EH-MK-SM mounting kit.

Upgrade your MultiHaul TG radio system with the AX-ANT-0.5FT V-band Antenna and experience enhanced performance, reliability, and range for your wireless communications.

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