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Tycon Solar Kit 70W-Solar Panel. Pole/Wall Mount. Outdoor 12AWG Cable. 12V PWM Charge Controller



The TPSK series of solar panel kits come complete with high efficiency multicrystalline solar panel, side of pole/wall mounts, PWM Charge Controller and outdoor rated 12AWG cable. They are ready for quick connection to Tycon Power Systems outdoor UPSPro™ Systems or any other application requiring solar power. The panels use only the best silicon cells from Germany to provide excellent low light performance and long life (25years). The rugged aluminum frame and high transparency, low iron, tempered glass withstands high wind, hail and snow loading. The mounts are heavy duty aluminum with stainless steel hardware. They are a simplified design that makes them easy to install, saving precious installer time. The mounts are designed for pole mounting but can also be wall mounted. They provide quick tilt adjustment for positioning the panel to proper sun angles for summer and winter sun.


  • Remote Power Stations
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Lighting Applications
  • Surveillance Applications

Technical Description


  • Solar Panel Voltage/Capacity 12V 70W
  • Solar Panel Max Current 4.07A
  • Solar Panel Size 26” x 30”
  • Solar Panel Model TPSHP-12-70
  • Pole Diameter 2” to 4.5” 
  • Pole Mount Model TPSM-60-SP
  • Wind Speed Rating 110MPH
  • Charge Controller Model TP-SC24-20
  • Cable – 2 Cond – Outdoor 12AWG x 10’ 
  • Operating Temperature 40C to +85C

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