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Halny Fiber Tray for ONU based on CUBE housing



HALNy ONU Fiber Tray is an innovative by its flexibility and easy installation for FTTH / FTTP installation.

The solution is designed to optimize the deployment and roll-out of the service provider. Any engineer or installer can easily install the fiber tray. If the fiber is already terminated, we provide the fiber tray. For new deployment scenarios an engineer installs the Halny Fiber Tray, due to its compact design it fits perfectly wherever you want to install. It supports multiple patch in and patch out options including the possibility to mount optical splitters.

HALNy specializes in cost-effective designs, and works closely with service providers to improve their business case through a comprehensive range of standard products, supporting the industry’s common demands. The Fiber Tray compact design eases the installation and expensive installers are no longer required when connecting active untis.

HALNy Fiber Tray with the custom design of Halny GPON ONUs/CPE housing covers all common deployment scenarios, GPON, XGS-PON, Point to Point & 10G Point to Point.

Technical Description:

  • Design for both termination of single and dual fiber
  • Multiple Patch IN & OUT via adapters: SC/APC, SC/PC, LC/APC, LC/PC
  • Holder for pre-terminated fiber patchcord
  • Capacity up to 6 fiber
  • Optical splitters mounting option
  • 2x Adapter Holders
  • HALNy Fiber Tray is compatible with the following models: HL-4GXV-F, HL-4BX3V-F, HL-4BY3V-F, HL-4BY7V-F, HLX-4BYV-F, HLE-3GX-F, HLE-4BX3V-F, HLS-4BX3V-F

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