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IU-CEN-ODF-12-TRAY-V2 - 12 Core Fiber Optic Splice Tray V2.0

The IU-CEN-ODF-12-TRAY-V2 is a 12-core fiber optic splice tray designed for efficient optic fiber management, storage, and protection. Its structure supports easy installation and movement, making it ideal for use in various high-density wiring applications.


  • Welding Plate: Suitable for high-density wiring boxes and outdoor optical cable transfer boxes. It facilitates the welding of light adapters and pigtail installations.
  • Disk-Line Channels: Each 12-core unit, pigtail, cable, and beam tube has dedicated disk-line channels for hierarchical management and effective protection against damage.
  • Three-Tier Structure: Consists of a bottom plate for wiring, a middle plate for welding, and a top cover for integration, ensuring ease of operation.
  • Bend Radius Protection: Maintains a bend radius greater than 40mm for optical fibers at any position.
  • Adapter Positioning: Adapters are angled at 30 degrees to ensure adequate bending radius for jump fibers and prevent laser eye injuries.
  • Welding and Wiring Instructions: Simplifies record-keeping for welding and wiring activities.
  • Adapter Compatibility: Supports SC, FC, LC, and ST adapters.
  • Fiber Suitability: Suitable for both ribbon and bunchy optical fibers.
  • Installation Versatility: Can be installed in ODFs and terminal boxes.


  • High-Density Wiring Boxes
  • Outdoor Optical Cable Transfer Boxes
  • Optical Distribution Frames (ODF)
  • Terminal Boxes

Technical Description

  • Installation Dimensions: 304mm x 182mm x 25mm (excluding slides and cable guiding parts)
  • Design: Disk mode ensures fiber bending radius and redundancy
  • Material: Made of durable ABS plastic

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