Iuron Three-Hole Fiber Stripper tool. 1.6 mm to 3 mm



IU-TL-140084 - Three-Hole Fiber Stripper tool. 1.6 mm to 3 mm

The IU-TL-140084 Iuron Three-Hole Fiber Stripper Tool, commonly known as the Miller Clamp, is a versatile and essential tool for professionals working with fiber optics. This tool is designed for removing the tube and coating of fibers and can handle a variety of common applications. The ergonomic handle design ensures comfort during prolonged use, making it an indispensable tool for any fiber optic technician.

With its precise cutting capabilities and ergonomic design, the IU-TL-140084 Iuron Three-Hole Fiber Stripper Tool is a reliable and efficient choice for any professional working with fiber optics.


  • Big Hole: Strips 1.6-3mm to 600-900μm buffer
  • Middle Hole: Strips 600-900μm to 250μm jacket.
  • Small Hole: Strips 250μm-125μm fiber.
  • Factory Pre-Set: Ready for immediate use with no adjustments needed.
  • Scratch-Free: Ensures no scratching or nicking of glass fiber.
  • Precision Cutting: High mechanical tolerances for clean and smooth operation.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Comfort-grip handles designed for extended use.
  • Locking Mechanism: Tool locks closed when not in use for safety and convenience.
  • Dimensions: Length: 165 mm
  • Weight: 122 g.


  • Maintenance in Telecom: Ideal for telecom technicians performing routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance CATV: Suitable for cable TV maintenance.
  • Test Lab of Optical Fibers: Essential tool for laboratory testing of optical fibers.
  • Other Fiber Optic Measurements: Versatile for various fiber optic measurement tasks.

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