Iuron Fiber Cleaver



IU-TL-140098 - Fiber Cleaver

With its precise cutting capabilities and user-friendly design, the IU-TL-140098 Fiber Cleaver is an essential tool for achieving accurate and efficient fiber optic cleaving.

The IU-TL-140098 Fiber Cleaver is a high-precision tool designed for single fiber cutting, suitable for both 250μm and 900μm fibers. This cleaver ensures a minimal cutting angle and high accuracy, requiring no special skills for operation. The built-in spring-back function of the slider and the optional, easy-to-install fiber bin enhance its usability and convenience.


  • High Precision Cutting: Achieves an average cutting angle of 0.8º for precise fiber cleaving.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for 250μm and 900μm fibers.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Easy to use with no special skills required.
  • Spring-Back Slider: The slider has a spring-back function for smooth operation.
  • Optional Fiber Bin: Optional and easy-to-install fiber bin for added convenience.
  • Durable Blade: Features 16 blade positions with a blade life of over 48,000 cores (1000 cores per position, 3 heights).


  • Ideal for use in fiber optic splicing and termination processes, the IU-TL-140098 Fiber Cleaver is perfect for telecom technicians, network installers, and maintenance professionals.

Technical Description

  • Average cutting angle: 0.8º
  • Blade position: 16 positions
  • Blade life: >48000cores (1000 cores × 16 position × 3 height)
  • Cutting length: 5-20(㎜)
  • Cladding diameter: 125μm
  • Coated outer diameter: 0.25&0.9(㎜)
  • Size: 73W*80D*61H(mm)
  • Weight: 400g
  • Match fiber: 3*2 cable, ∅3,125μm bare fiber, 900μm pig tail
  • Average cutting angle: 0.8º
  • Blade position: 16 positions

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