L-Com AL-CAT5HPW-4 Weatherproof Hi-Power Multi-Port 10/100 Base-T CAT5 Lightning Protector




The Hyperlink CAT5 three-stage multi-port Lightning Protector provides superior lightning and surge protection for both indoor and outdoor 10/100 Base-T networks. Up to four separate CAT5 lines can be protected by a single unit. In addition, the unit is compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices. Integral to the design is protection for the two Ethernet data pairs and the PoE DC power feed.

In the data path, the first stage of protection is a differential gas discharge tube. Stage two is a pair of current limiting series resistors and the final stage is a high speed, low capacitance diode clamp array. In the power path, the first stage is comprised of a differential gas discharge tube. Stage two is a dual low pass filter and the final stage is a triple array of bi-directional clamping diodes. The unit supports normal and reverse polarity PoE.

The Advantage of the AL-CAT5HPW-4 three stage surge protector design is the added level of protection due to its large power rating and safety due to its failsafe architecture. In the event of a catastrophic surge event, the series resistors will fuse and the shunt diodes will short. This will safely disconnect the line from the datacom equipment.

The AL-CATHPW-4 CAT5 Lightning Protector is compatible with Wireless Access Points, Access Servers and Outdoor Routers, with or without Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality. A ground clamp provides a tie point for earth ground. For maximum protection from lightning on long cable runs, two units can be used, one at each end of the cable. 

This unit features a weatherproof ABS enclosure with gasketed cover and concealed mounting holes. Removable terminal strips are provided on the input and output for convenience. To ease installation, the terminal strips can be removed.


  • Protect up to four separate CAT5 lines
  • Three-stage protection
  • Failsafe architecture & Weatherproof ABS enclosure
  • Removable terminal strips, with ground clamp provided on outside of enclosure
  • Gasketed cover and concealed mounting holes


  • IP, Network, or Web Camera
  • VoIP Telephone
  • 10/100 Base-T Networks
  • Wireless Access Points, Servers & outdoor routers

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