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L-com AXA-RTJRSP Coaxial Adapter, RP-SMA Plug / RP-TNC Jack



  • This Reverse Polarity TNC Jack (RP-TNC) to Reverse Polarity SMA Plug (RP-SMA) coaxial adapter provides the ability to connect between a RP-TNC Plug and RP-SMA Jack interface. 

  • Interconnection of these interfaces is often found in test lab or in field environments where devices of differing interface types are interconnected. 

  • Allows interconnection of devices with RP-TNC Plug and RP-SMA Jack interfaces

  • Nickel plated body for enhanced corrosion resistance

  • Gold plated center contact for reduced signal loss

  • Handy device to have on hand to solve your interconnection problems

  • Coaxial extension

  • Coaxial interface conversion

  • OEM coax applications

  • Coax retrofit applications

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