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L-com BAC502 RP-SMA Plug Crimp for RG174/188/316 Cable



  • This reversed polarized SMA male connector is designed for crimp attachment to 50 Ohm RG174, RG188 and RG316 coaxial cables utilizing a crimp tool with standard crimp size of .128" for the crimp ferrule.
  • The center contact is designed for solder attachment to the coaxial cable center conductor.
  • ?This reverse polarized interface addresses the FCC requirement for non-standard interfaces for wireless devices.
  • Mates with reverse polarized interface commonly found in wireless systems

  • Designed for crimp attachment to RG174/188 or 316 style cable

  • Gold plated center contacts minimize signal loss

  • Machined components produce a durable connector

  • Associated bulk cable and crimp tools available

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