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L-Com BT-CAT5-P4J 4-Port Passive Midspan/Injector with CAT5 Surge Protection



  • The BT-CAT5-P4J Quad port passive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Midspan/Injector from L-com provides a low cost solution for adding PoE capability to existing network switches. 

  • The unit is ideal for supplying power for up to four Network Appliances like Wireless Access Points and Bridges, Wired Switches and Cameras and IP Telephones with PoE capability.

  • The BT-CAT5-P4J features integral surge protection for the data lines and power feeds. The unit eliminates the need for an external surge protector. 

  • The unit provides protection for both common and differential mode surges. 

  • The design utilizes Thyristor diode technology which has superior power handling capability compared to TVS or Avalanche diode based designs. 

  • The BT-CAT5-P4J can also be used as a standalone lightning surge protector.

  • Four ports

  • Surge protection on all lines

  • Industrial grade cast aluminum housing

  • Available individually or with 48VDC @ 48W or 70W power supply

  • Wireless LAN Access Points and Bridges

  • Wired Switches

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephones

  • IP Surveillance Cameras

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