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L-Com BT-CAT6-P4 4-Port RJ45 CAT6 Passive Gigabit Midspan / PoE Injector DC or AC power



  • The BT-CAT6-P4 Quad-Port Gigabit CAT6 Midspan/Injector is a commercial grade Power-over-Ethernet device that provides DC or AC power for up to four 10/100/1000 Base-T Power-over-Ethernet, PoE equipped Network Appliance devices. 

  • The unit uses Gigabit transformers on all four data pairs in contrast to cheaper designs that only use transformers for two pairs. 

  • It is compatible with devices that support the IEEE 802.3af standard PoE power feed using Mode B (Pins 4/5 and 7/8). 

  • Power-over-Ethernet eliminates the need for an AC outlet at each Network Appliance location. 

  • The BT-CAT6-P4 features shielded RJ45 jacks. 

  • This along with the BT-CAT6-P4's metal housing helps reduce the effects of EMI interference.

  • A ground lug and terminal is provided directly on the injector housing providing superior grounding. 

  • The cast aluminum housing includes integral mounting feet for ease of installation.


  • Four ports

  • IEEE 802.3af compatibility

  • Transformer isolation on all 4 pairs

  • Up to 60 volts DC or AC power

  • Available individually or with 48VDC @ 48W or 70W power supply


  • Wireless LAN access points and bridges

  • WAN millimeter radios

  • High definition IP surveillance cameras

  • Wired gigabit PoE switches

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