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L-Com HG914YE-NF 900MHz and GSM bands 14dBi Yagi Antenna N-Female



  • The HyperGain HG914YE High-Performance Yagi Antenna in an economical package combines accurate gain with a wide beam-width, ideally suited for directional applications in the 900MHz ISM and GSM bands.

  • This series of Yagi antennas provides the user with anodized aluminum boom, solid elements, low loss series 400 COAX, and rugged mounting hardware. These features from L-Com are offered at cost-effective price points for the user who expects exceptional performance and value.


  • 14 dBi gain & all weather Anodized Aluminum construction

  • Can be installed for either vertical or horizontal polarization

  • Solid Aluminum 1/8" elements

  • Heavy-duty 1/2" Aluminum boom

  • 15 inch coax lead & 1/8" thick plated steel mounting plate

  • 900MHz ISM Band & Wireless LAN systems

  • Point to multipoint & Non Line of Sight (NLOS) applications

  • 900MHz Cellular and GSM


  • Wireless Video Links

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