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Orientek Mini Size Power Meter T25M 7-wavelengths detection easy-to-use interface for error-freetesting

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SKU: OrienTek-T25M

Orientek T25M AWI (Automatic Wavelength Identification) Mini Optical Power Meter is Orientek newly designed fiber optic tester, it aims at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with T15M handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. Compared with usual power meters, the T25M has more great functions/features of automatic wavelength identification and switching and intelligent backlight control. Also the T25M features good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanity design.

Mini Size Power Meter T25m Easy-to-use interface for error-freetesting
Key Features:

  • Pocket size design
  • Highly accurate unit offering 6 calibrated wavelengths
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Easy-to-use interface for error-freetesting
  • Rubber armor protection
  • Type: T25M  
  • Wavelength(nm): (800nm to 1700nm )
  • Detector: InGaAs
  • Measurement Range (dBm): -70~+10dBm  / -50~+26dBm
  • Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550, 1625 (nm)
  • Resolution(dB): 0.01dBm
  • Operating Temperature(oC): -10 ~ +60 (ºC)
  • Storage Temperature(oC): -25 ~ +70 (ºC)
  • Automatic shutdown time: 10 (min)
  • Battery working time: 20(h)
  • Size: 137x60x37 (mm)
  • Power Supply: Alkaline battery (2 AAA1.5V batteries)
  • Weight: 180 g

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OrienTek T25M