RF Elements


RF Elements 50° Symmetrical Beam TP Antenna W/ TwistPort™



Introducing the HG-3-TP-S50 Symmetrical Horn TP Antenna Gen2, featuring the revolutionary TwistPort™ Connector for game-changing beam performance, unparalleled scalability, and exceptional build quality.

  • Game-Changing Sector Antenna
    • Deployed since 2014, these antennas redefine sector technology, providing superior noise rejection, scalability, and throughput increase. With a unique symmetrical beam pattern and no sidelobes, they focus energy into one main signal beam, significantly reducing noise propagation.
  • Breakthrough Scalability
    • Offering precise radiation angles from 30 to 90 degrees, they enable a higher density of sectors than traditional antennas, catering to various deployment scenarios, including high-density cluster sector installations and MicroPoPs.
  • Ultimate Spectrum Efficiency
    • With virtually lossless TwistPort™ connectors, these antennas allow for dense co-location of narrow sectors with excellent isolation, unlocking unprecedented RF performance and spectrum efficiency.
  • TwistPort™ Connector
    • Featuring a patent-pending quick-locking waveguide port, TwistPort™ connectors ensure seamless integration with radios from various vendors, including UBNTTM, MimosaTM, MikroTikTM, and Cambium NetworksTM, simplifying installation with a single-handed twist and lock mechanism.

Experience the future of wireless connectivity with the HG-3-TP-S50 Symmetrical Horn TP Antenna Gen2, setting a new standard for speed, reliability, and efficiency.

Technical Description

  • Product code: HG-3-TP-S50
    • Radio Connection: TwistPort™ - Quick Locking Waveguide Port
    • Antenna Type: Horn
    • Materials: UV Resistant ABS Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
    • Enviromental: IP55
    • Flame Rating: UL 94 HB
    • Pole Mounting Diameter: 30-80 mm (1.1-3.1 inch)
      • Recommended as close to 80 mm (3.1 inch) as possible
    • Temperature: -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)
    • Wind Survival: 160 km/h (100 mi/h)
    • Wind Load: 24/10 N - Front/Side at 160 km/h (100 mi/h)
    • Effective Projected Area: 199/80 cm2 - Front/Side (30.9/12.4 in2 )
    • Mechanical Tilt: ± 25°
    • Frequency Range: 5180 - 6400 MHz
    • Gain: 14.3 dBi
    • Azimuth Beam Width -3 dB: H 33° / V 33°
    • Elevation Beam Width -3 dB: H 33° / V 33°
    • Azimuth Beam Width -6 dB: H 50° / V 50°
    • Elevation Beam Width -6 dB: H 50° / V 50°
    • Beam Efficiency**: 92%
    • Front-to-Back Ratio: 33 dB

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