Siklu EtherHaul 614TX PoE ODU Extended Range Integrated antenna 500Mbps



ETHERHAUL™ – 600/614 SERIES DATASHEET Street-level gigabit V-band radios

    • Gigabit Throughput on Every Street
      • The EtherHaul™-600 series delivers up to 1 Gbps in a form factor that is small enough and rugged enough to be deployed at street level on poles and light fixtures.
      • With the EH-614, Siklu offers a model that can tune from 57GHz up to 71GHz covering 14GHz of spectrum in a single product.
      • When operating in the upper 60GHz portion of the band, distances can be achieved that are as much as 50% further than operation in the lower bands due to the absence of oxygen absorption.
    • Interference-Free Operation and Scalable Deployments
      • The unlicensed 60GHz V-band spectrum avoids interference typically seen in unlicensed bands through a combination of means.
      • With 7 to 9GHz allocated around the world and 14GHz in the US and the UK, there is ample spectrum for mass, dense deployments.
      • The V-band is also characterized by pencil-thin beams, meaning a small amount of spatial separation is often enough isolation, allowing aggressive frequency reuse schemas of the 14 full-capacity non-overlapping channels.
    • Robust Carrier Class Construction
      • The all-weather IP-67 sealed radio guarantees carrier-grade performance under even the harshest weather conditions.
      • Designed to operate in temperatures from -45°C to +55°C this product has been deployed around the world from Siberia to Texas.
      • Carrier class specifications are backed up by an MTBF measured in decades not years.
    • Streamline Operations with Carrier Ethernet & Synchronization
      • The EH-600/614 both have MEF-compliant integrated Carrier Ethernet switches. This helps streamline operations with configurable service-aware QoS, bandwidth management and OAM.
      • For mobile operators, optional built-in timing synchronization with Sync-E and 1588v2 ensures smooth performance over packet based backhaul networks.
      • With a built-in switch, customers avoid additional boxes, power supplies etc and can leverage not only the layer 2 features but can be powered from a PoE out port on the radio.
    • Easiest Installation & Management
      • Virtually any installer can deploy the EH-600/614 with very little training or experience.
      • Physical installation from opening the box to passing traffic can be as little as 15 mins when using pre-configurations loaded into the radio.
      • Once deployed advanced configuration is available via an intuitive web GUI, while additional services may be remotely activated from a NOC. An IPERF integrated TCP and UDP load tester, and a spectrum analyzer, streamlines commissioning and troubleshooting.

    *FTL note: requires feature license.

    Applications for a Wide Range of Vertical Markets

    • Safe/Smart City Networks
    • Business Broadband
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot Backhaul
    • Gigabit to the Home (GTTH)
    • Small Cell Backhaul

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    • ODU + 0.5ft antenna: 5.9” x 6.1” x 3.5” (16.5 x 16.5 x 10cm)


    • ODU + 0.5ft antenna: 3.9 lbs. (1.8 kg)

    Technical Description

      • Frequency & Duplexing: 57-66GHz, TDD
      • Channels: 125/250/500MHz wide, 11 non-overlapping channels
      • Modulation and Adaptive Rate: 5 level of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation-boost gain by up to 25dB: Up to QAM 64
      • Throughput (Mbps): Aggregated Throughput up to 1000Mbps (with upgrade of capacity via license)
      • Link budget (BER=10-6): Including Integrated 36dBi Antenna Gain (162dB)
      • Interfaces: 3xGbE copper ports
      • Ethernet features
        • IEEE 802. Id transparent bridging VLAN & VLAN stacking, 4K VLANs.
        • Jumbo Frames: 16KB.
        • MEF 9, 14 and 21 compliant Ethernet services.
        • Ring Protection Switching: ITU-T G.8031 ERPS (*FTL).
        • Link state propagation.
        • Configurable QOS aware forwarding.
        • 8 level H-QOS with flexible mapping options: L2 (802.1p, VLAN id), L2.5 (MPLS EXP) and L3 (DSCP).
      • Timing: Synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2 TC (*FTL)
      • Encyption: AES 128-bit and 256-bit (*FTL)
      • Management and Provisoning: 
        • Zero-touch turn up; In-band, out-of-band management.
        • Web GUI (one-click configuration of local and remote units) & Embedded CLI.
        • SNMPv2/3, TACACS+, RADIUS.
        • Link OAM & Connectivity Fault Management (CFM): IEEE802.3ah & IEEE802.1ag;
        • performance monitoring: ITU-T Y. 1731 (*FTL).
        • IPERF TCP/UDP capacity tester.
      • Topologies: Ring, daisy-chain, mesh
      • Conformance
        • Radio: FCC Part 15.255, ETSI EN 302 217-3 & UK IR 2078 & IR 2000; EMC:
        • USA FCC 47CFR.part 15 & ETSI EN 301 489; safety: UL/EN 60950
      • Power Supply: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), 26W without PoE-Out; up to 78W with PoE-Out
      • PoE-Out: Port 2 and Port 3 (IEEE 802.3at): 26W+26W / 13W+40W / 50W+0W (*FTL).
      • Environment
        • Operating Temperature: -45° to +55°C (-49° to +131°F)
        • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67

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