Siklu EtherHaul 1200FX E-Band 80GHz FDD ODU-L with Adapter for External Antenna



The EtherHaul™ 1200 series offers carrier-grade ultra-high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet. With speeds of up to 1000Mbps over the 71-76/81-86GHz spectrum, it provides fiber-like performance with low latency and high throughput. Featuring 8 levels of QoS-aware coding and modulation, it ensures reliability and availability. Integrated Carrier Ethernet features streamline operations, while Sync-E and 1588v2 support cater to mobile operators. Optional asymmetric capacity optimization allows tailored configurations. With pencil-thin beams, E-band radios guarantee interference-free and reliable operations. The EH-1200 series supports up to 32 non-overlapping channels, making it ideal for dense deployments. Spectrum acquisition is easy even in urban areas, with low licensing fees and quick coordination. The compact, lightweight design facilitates easy deployment and management. Based on advanced integrated-silicon technology, it offers high reliability and cost-effectiveness. Available in various duplexing schemes and antenna sizes, it ensures the best ROI for any application.

Technical Description

  • EtherHaul™ 1200 Series
    • Frequency & Duplexing: 71-76GHz / 81-86GHz, FDD
    • Channels: 16/8 non-overlapping channels, 250/500MHz wide
    • Modulation & Adaptive rate
      • 5 level of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation - boost gain by up to 25dB    
      • QPSK ÷ QAM64
    • Throughput
      • Up to 1Gbps - FDD
    • Link budget (BER=10-6)
      • Including ½ft antenna gain (not applicable for FCC regulation): 172dB
      • Including 1ft antenna gain: 182dB
      • Including 2ft antenna gain: 196dB
    • Interfaces: 4xGbE ports, (2x copper RJ-45 + 2x optical SFP SMF/MMF): 2x RJ45
    • Ethernet features
      • IEEE 802.1d transparent bridging. VLAN & VLAN stacking, 4K VLANs.
      • MEF 9, 14 and 21 compliant Ethernet services. Smart Pipes Transparent Ports Mode
      • Link aggregation: LAG and LACP (IEEE 802.3ad) Ethernet Ring Protection Switching: ITU-T G.8032 ERPS. Link state propagation.
      • 16KB Jumbo frames.
      • Configurable QOS-aware forwarding.
      • 8 level H-QoS with multi mapping options: L2: 802.1p, VLAN id., L2½: MPLS EXP, L3: DSCP
    • Encryption: AES 128-bit and 256-bit
    • Management & Provisioning: 
      • Zero-touch turn up; In-band, out-of-band management.
      • Web GUI (one-click configuration of local and remote units) & Embedded CLI
      • SNMPv2/3, TACACS+, RADIUS
      • Link OAM & Connectivity Fault Management (CFM): IEEE802.3ah & IEEE802.1ag; Performance Monitoring: ITU-T Y.1731
      • IPERF TCP/UDP capacity tester
    • Conformance
      • Radio: FCC CFR Part 101, ETSI EN 302 217-2-2
      • EMC: USA FCC 47CFR.part 15 & ETSI EN 301 489
      • Safety: UL/EN 60950
    • Power: PoE In PoE++ (IEEE 802.3at+) power consumption without PoE Out: 40W
    • PoE-Out: Port 2 (IEEE 802.3at): 13W
    • Environmental: 
      • Operating temperature: -45° to +55°C (-49° to +131°F)
      • Ingress protection rating: IP67

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